Pediatric Oral Health Care

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends establishing a "dental home" by one year of age. A dental home can be described as an ongoing relationship between dentist, patient, and family to deliver accessible, coordinated and comprehensive care. Establishing a dental home leads to appropriate preventive and routine oral health care that leads to a lifetime of good oral health.

Basic Dental Care for Your Child

Dental cavities are a common chronic infectious disease resulting from tooth adherent bacteria that feed on sugars from food that produce acid which causes harm to tooth structure. Untreated cavities can lead to pain, infection and loss of teeth. The good news is cavities are preventable!

Prevention begins with good daily habits. Proper oral hygiene is required to maintain a healthy mouth. It is recommended that children brush their teeth twice daily and begin flossing once teeth are touching. Although many children are independent, active adult supervision and brushing is recommended until around the age of 10 or 11. The proper amount of toothpaste is a smear or grain of rice for children over 3 years old and no more than a pea-sized amount for children ages 3-6 years old. Our office is happy to provide in-depth instruction on proper home care for your child and family.

Along with proper oral hygiene, diet is another important factor in preventing decay. Frequently snacking, especially on sticky foods such as fruit snacks or granola, can lead to decay. Consuming drinks such as juices, sports drinks or sodas should also be limited and water should be the drink of choice.

Regular Dental Visits

Consistent dental visits are essential to maintain oral health. At the appointment, we will examine your child's mouth for any signs of dental disease and proper growth and development. We are happy to discuss any of your concerns and reinforce proper brushing habits at each visit.

Patients with Special Needs

Our doctors and staff are dedicated to making sure all patients feel comfortable and safe during dental appointments. Dr. Jessica Clark is certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and has had additional training in treating children of all ages with special health care needs.

Special health care needs include any physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional impairment or limiting condition that requires medical management, health care intervention, and/or use of specialized services or programs. The condition may be congenital, developmental, or acquired through disease, trauma, or environmental cause and may impose limitations in performing daily self-maintenance activities or substantial limitations in a major life activity. Health care for individuals with special needs requires specialized knowledge acquired by additional training, as well as increased awareness and attention, adaptation, and accommodative measures beyond what are considered routine.

At our office, we offer dedicated appointments that allow the environment to be calmer and allow more focused attention to your child. Please make us aware during scheduling so special arrangements may be made. Arrangements may include: desensitization appointments (for your child to slowly acclimate to the office), quiet treatment rooms, papoose board for safety during exams, and bringing comfort items from home.